Overnights and weekends are busy for riders during L train closures

Posted at 11:44 PM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-05 00:09:44-05

After midnight could be the new rush hour in the transit system.

Work projects are underway during the daytime, overnight and weekends.

Projects along the L Train are getting a lot of attention.

There is no L Train from Broadway Junction in Brooklyn to 8th Avenue in Manhattan during the overnights and weekends in February and through March 18.

This is track and signal work that has been ongoing since 2018. It is also in preparation of the major tunnel project in April 2019.

Check the latest L Train work announcements here.

The train was going to shut down completely at the end of April for 15 months between Brooklyn and into Manhattan. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and a engineering representatives from Columbia and Cornell toured the work site in December with transit officials and reviewed the plans.

At the beginning of January, the plan during the tunnel portion of the work was changed.

More riders say they need the train during the regular work day.

250,000 riders use the L Train every day between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The new tunnel work plan will require overnight and weekend closures. One tunnel will remain open.

PIX11 News rode the L train, visited platforms, and monitored service at different times of the day and night

A 20 minute wait was common overnight.

Business owners say any change to the train schedule impacts businesses.

There are overnight shutdowns this month through March 18. Additional work orders may be required in advance of the tunnel work. That had been scheduled to begin April 27, but that date could change.

Subway musician Joseph Lockhart says he tries to lift their spirits as they travel.

The MTA and NYC Department of Transportation are finalizing plans for service during the April work and partial closure.

Last month, MTA NYC Transit President Andy Byford said a supplement to train service would still be possible.

Original plans included longer G trains and buses along 14th Street in Manhattan.

Service along the J, M and G lines are an integral part of operations during this work plan and as the project shifts to the tunnel in April.

Shuttle buses aren staging each night during the current work in preparation for overnight service along the L line and connecting to the J and G lines.