Snow day turns into chaos after students clash with police near West Virginia University

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — It started off as a “playful time in the snow,” but a University’s snow day quickly turned into chaos after students clashed with police officers in West Virginia.

Hundreds of students and others gathered near the campus along Spruce Street in Morgantown after classes at West Virginia University were canceled Friday due to snow and cold temperatures.

Alcohol appeared to be consumed openly, with beer boxes and cans littering the street.

The incident escalated after hundreds of people refused to comply with officers’ instructions and allegedly began to throw bottles and debris at the police, resulting in law enforcement officials to take action, the school said.

Instagram video posted by Barstool WVU called Spruce Street “an absolute war zone,” showing large crowds on the sidewalk, and officers holding what appeared to be compressed air guns on students.

School officials released a statement after the video went viral.

“It is unfortunate that what began today on Spruce Street as a playful time in the snow, turned into a dangerous and threatening situation for student and law enforcement officers alike.”

“Students got a little too jovial, and I’m afraid got carried away,” Morgantown Mayor Bill Kawecki told Morgantown News.

“It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t simply enjoy the snow without turning it into some circumstance where people were in danger. As near as I can tell, the university isn’t taking it very well, either.”

The school plans to review videos of the incident to determine if charges should be filed.

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