Cannabis mixers already making marijuana in New Jersey

Posted: 10:47 PM, Jan 29, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-29 22:47:32-05

JERSEY CITY -- Inside Zeppelin Hall, you might guess at first glance think all forms of cannabis are already legal in the Garden State.

“It’s a normal thing,” said Jersey City blogger Lynn Hazan or Chicpea JC. “It should be at this point. People are recognizing cannabis is not just for getting high. There are many advantages to using it.”

There are also many jobs growing up around it.

Tuesday evening, dozens swarmed tables topped with logos representing a budding businesses community to support legal cannabis, everything from accounting to security.

The event was CannaGather, a monthly mixer of industry insiders and outsiders gathered to discuss, advocate, and dream about expanded legal use of cannabis.

“There’s so many benefits that would help people like myself,” said two-time Super Bowl champ and retired Giant Jonathan Casillas. “I’ve played football for 17 years, nine professionally, and I’m an undersized linebacker who’s always had issues staying healthy.”

The Jersey native retired in 2018 after an injury plagued career to found Jade’s Garden. It is a cannabis company that specialized in athlete-focused products high in CBD— the non-psychoactive part of the plant used to relive pain.

“You know I’m here to learn, to meet people, so I can say what I say and know, and add something to this industry,” Casillas said.

However, growing more marijuana dreams in the Garden State seems to have stalled of late. After a lot of momentum, democratic lawmakers have yet to agree on a tax structure with governor Phil Murphy.

So for now, events like CannaGather will continue with legal medical marijuana use in mind— even with many high on the idea of taking things one step further.