The New York woman behind fashion label Ramy Brook

She knew what she wanted to wear—but it wasn't out there.

So one New York woman,  took matters in her own hands, and began designing her own tops in her bedroom.

Nine years later, Ramy Brook is a global fashion house.

Ramy Brook Sharp is the founder and creative director behind the fashion label.

Ramy worked in advertising, quit her job to become a stay at home mom and then the creativity kicked in. “I just wanted pretty sexy tops and didn’t want to spend a gazillion dollars. So, I said I’m going to learn how to make them and start a company.”

The Ramy Brook fashion line is not only a huge digital brand, but also available at her flagship store in SOHO and in high-end retailers worldwide.

Ramy says she hopes to be a full lifestyle brand soon, which will include handbags, shoes and jewelry.

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