MTA expected to vote on potential fare hikes

NEW YORK — The MTA is expected to vote on proposed fare hikes in New York Thursday, but a last-minute plan may delay that decision.

Members are supposed to vote between two options: a $3 increase or the price to stay the same at $2.75, but bonus pay-per-ride swipes would be eliminated. Railroad riders would also see an increase for weekly and monthly passes Weekly passes would increase from $32 to $33, a weekly express bus pass would increase from $59.50 to $63, and a monthly unlimited pass would increase from $121 to either $127 or $126.25, depending on the option.

A third option came onto the table, when an MTA board member proposed the MTA fares should be tied to performance goals, according to Newsday. There would be no increase unless the MTA meets certain goals.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has talked about the need for an improvement in management on the subway system.

“Money alone solves nothing. Period. Just throwing more money into the tracks is not going to make a difference without the management reform,” he said during an interview on the Brian Lehrer Show.

He also discussed congestion pricing, which he has argued will fund billions of dollars into the situation and assist in improving the subway system.

The MTA is expected to meet Thursday morning.

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