Newark uses fleet of taxis to transport homeless to shelters as temps drop

The bitter cold weather kept its grip around the tri-state area Tuesday even though temperatures are not as harsh as they were Monday. Since this weekend, many communities have been doing what they can to get the homeless population into a warm and safe place to escape.

One New Jersey city found a creative way to do it: by hailing some cabs.

“Trying to get them into shelters is not always the easiest thing, but on this code blue day, they took the help," said Kym Gilchrist with the Newark Homeless Coalition.

When Newark was hit by life-threatening cold weather Sunday and Monday, Gilchrist and city officials figured this was the fastest and safest way to transport 72 homeless people to shelters.

“We called the owner of the cab company and he said 'just knock on their window and they’ll transport them to the shelter, free of charge,'" said Gilchrist.

This was the first time the city ever used a fleet of cabs to get people out of the bitter cold. Gilchrist said they could not have pulled this off without the help of some of caring people who just wanted to save lives.

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