PIX11 Honors: NY Waterway Ferry crew members

This week, PIX11 honors the NY Waterway Ferry crew members.

Waterway ferry crews responded instantly to the crash of US Airways Flight 1549 on Jan. 15, 2009, which later became known as "Miracle on the Hudson." Crews were able to rescue 143 of the 155 passengers and crew in the most successful marine rescue in aviation history.

NY Waterway crews drill constantly in water rescues and have saved more than 100 people from the waters of New York Harbor. On 9/11, NY Waterway crews moved within minutes to the seawall one block from the World Trade Center and began evacuating people

Capt. Vince Lucante and deckhands show the main rescue apparatus: Jason's Cradle, which is a black raft used to pull people from the water, which every ferry service is equipped with.


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