‘Havana: Faded Glory’ photo exhibit captures island’s beauty and decay

The Fin de Siglo in Havana (Josh Silber)

Cuba today is a nation at a crossroads, yet it is still very much frozen in time, an era before the 1959 revolution, with tail-fin American cars and color-splashed midcentury architecture,

“Havana: Faded Glory” is a new photography exhibition in Manhattan featuring the work of Josh Silber, an attorney who travels widely documenting roadside vestiges of the past.

A street scene in Havana (Josh Silber)

The show is on view at the FXCollaborative Gallery from Jan. 14 through Feb. 18, 2019.

“Taken over a three-year period on multiple trips to Cuba (2015-2017), the photographs capture the beauty and decay of many of Havana’s small and major buildings, vintage signage in and around the city, and classic American cars that are ubiquitous on the island,” according to the curators.

Silber, who also organizes trips to Cuba, discussed what motivates his photography of the island.

“With the lack of commercial development following the Cuban Revolution in 1959, much of the whimsical modern architecture survives, although often neglected or in ruins. What you can’t see in the photographs is the warmth of the people, the music that fills every street, the delicious food, or that feeling of pure wonder that takes over when you arrive in Havana. Some of the glory may have faded, but optimism fills the air,” he told the gallery.

An opening reception of Havana: Faded Glory on Thursday, January 17, from 6:00-8:30 PM.  The gallery is at 22 W. 19th St.  Details HERE.

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