Bronx Borough President calls for NYC to regain control of MTA

The BRONX — Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and local advocates are calling for New York City to regain control of the transit system as they rally against the proposed MTA fare hike.

The Board is expected to discuss and vote on plans later in January.

Two options for the fare hike include a $3 increase or the price to stay the same, but bonus pay-per-ride swipes would be eliminated. Railroad riders would also see a 3.85-percent maximum increase for weekly and monthly tickets.

Diaz argues that commuters should not be asked to pay more for fewer services.

He also said if the city is asked to pay more, the city should get the transit system back.

“This way New Yorkers know exactly who to blame and who should be responsible,” he said.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have laid out suggestions on ways to get money for the transit system.

Cuomo’s proposal imposed congestion tolls on motorists traveling below 60th Street in Manhattan beginning in 2021. He didn’t release a toll amounts or say whether small businesses or low-income commuters would receive a discount.

Mayor de Blasio has proposed a millionaires tax, suggesting those earning a certain amount of money should have their city income tax raised.

With all the suggestions on funding  Diaz says, one thing we shouldn’t do is "ask New Yorkers and commuters to pay more than they should.”

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