Attorney who cheated clients out of $1.5 million sent to Rikers Island

Former medical malpractice attorney Louis Uvino, now disbarred, is on Rikers Island after having been sentenced to up to seven years in prison. As PIX11 has been reporting for almost two years, Uvino stole close to $2,000,000 from his clients.

The money he stole had been awarded to his clients after he won their cases. But the money was first sent to Uvino at his law office in Floral Park. He was supposed to send his clients their share of the settlements, but he kept that money for himself.

Andre Halls, one of Uvino's clients, was awarded $1.2 million by a court after his son died following surgery. Uvino, after taking his fee, was supposed to send Halls $744,000. His checks to Halls bounced and Uvino disappeared with the money from at least five other victims.

After eluding the law for eight months, Uvino turned himself in last year. Under the terms of a plea bargain with the Bronx District Attorney's office, Uvino was required to pay Halls $400,000 on Dec. 5, with payment of the remaining money to follow.

However, at his sentencing, Uvino told Judge Robert Neary he did not have the money to pay Halls. He asked for more time. Neary said no and sentenced him to two to seven years in prison. While he sits in jail, his family is trying to raise the money to pay Halls. Uvino and his attorney would then have to convince Judge Neary to reopen the case.

Uvino’s victims are receiving money from the New York Lawyer’s Fund for Client Protection. Halls is getting $380,000, half of what he is owed by Uvino. Uvino’s four other victims are getting $834,000.

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