Civil Rights rally in Newark honors MLK Jr., calls for more work toward equality

NEW YORK -- On this frigid Tuesday night – there was no questioning the passion of those who marched through the through the streets of Newark to honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who would have turned 90 years old.

“It’s so important. Everything that dr. King struggled for, all of his life – everything, all the martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement struggled for – it’s all in jeopardy now,” said Larry Hamm, of the People’s Organization for Progress.

Hamm later alluded to the case of Jameek Lowery, the 27-year-old Paterson, New Jersey man who walked into a police station begging for water, and died two days later, cause still unknown, in a nearby hospital.

“It is still glaring, the issues that we’re fighting are still in our face,” said Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.

Mayor Baraka’s comment, it’s no exaggeration, as evidenced by last weekend’s planned white supremacist rally in Princeton…an event which was ultimately cancelled.

“Matter of fact, my father went to the march on Washington in 63. It’s all around us – his legacy, his beliefs," said lifelong Newark resident Alfreda Daniels.

Another Newark man, who goes by the name Ja Da Barber, and who is young enough to be Ms. Daniels’ grandson, told us, “it’s definitely important to keep him alive, so that our kids, and future generations that come up under us can know the struggle of what we went through.”

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