Paterson police arrest man who threatened to kill 2 cops after death of Jameek Lowery: source

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PATERSON, N.J. — Paterson police, already dealing with days of unrest after the death of 27-year-old Jameek Lowery, arrested a Paterson man who threatened to kill two cops in an angry Facebook Live rant, according to a law enforcement source.

Edward Lawrence Jones, who posted the video Thursday under the name Knowledgeborn Cipherallah, was taken into custody at 92 Carroll St. in Paterson on Monday, after giving police his address during the furious post, the source said.

“I’m gonna kill one of you mother f---ers,” Jones fumed, at one point holding up a pistol. “Matter of fact, I’m gonna kill two of you mother f---ers.”

Earlier in the Facebook rant, he had threatened, “I know where some of your mother f---ing families live at.”

Jones called Jameek Lowery “my f---ing little brother!”

Lowery himself had made a Facebook Live post on Saturday, Jan. 5th, when he showed up at Paterson Police Headquarters, foaming at the mouth and begging for water.

Lowery had called 911 in the middle of the night, telling the operator he took hits from the drug ecstasy.

He briefly went to the hospital and, when he wasn’t admitted, turned up at the police department facility at 111 Broadway in Paterson, screaming that someone was out to get him.

Police working during the overnight shift turned on a flash light to show Lowery that no one was after him.

They told Lowery they weren’t allowed to give him water and called an ambulance.

Two officers rode with Lowery in the ambulance back to the hospital, where he had to be restrained during the trip.

When Lowery got to the hospital, he eventually slipped into unconsciousness, and a tracheotomy was performed to help him breathe and he was attached to a machine.

Lowery died within 48 hours, and his family told the media he had bruising on his face, a broken eye socket and blood from a beating.

No hospital records have shown up to back these claims.

A source told PIX11 News Lowery actually died from spinal meningitis and the bruising and swelling on his face would be consistent with steroids that were administered to help him breathe and the tube that was put into his trachea. The medical examiner has not released a final report yet.

Lowery’s death spawned several days of protest, in which cops sprayed a crowd that showed up at Paterson Police Headquarters last Tuesday night with mace.

The state medical examiner’s office was asked to get involved in performing another autopsy.

When Jones posted his rant last Thursday, which police didn’t learn about right away, he told the cops he was serious about his threat.

“You hear me, I’m talking to you,” Jones screamed on the post. “Officers! Paterson Police! Edward Lawrence Jones! Mickey Lowery was my f---ing little brother!”

Later, he got more emphatic.

“Watch me! And I’m not high. I didn’t smoke no angel dust. Not yet. Watch me work. I’m at 92 Carroll Street. I got guns. Come on down here. I got my gun in my mother f---ing pocket. See that! Jones then held up a pistol.

Police departments around the country have to take threats like this seriously.

Back in December 2014, during a time of heightening police-community tensions in New York and Ferguson, Missouri, a Baltimore man took to social media, threatening to “put wings on cops.”

He then took a bus to New York City and assassinated NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, as they sat in their patrol car outside a housing project.

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