‘Made in Staten Island’ debuts on MTV; Staten Islanders not too happy

NEW DORP, Staten Island —  "Made In Staten Island" debuted on MTV Monday night and received some mixed reactions from people who live in the community.

Juliet Carina feels the new TV show will help people see a different side of Staten Island.

“I know them, they’re all cool people," Carina Said. "Down to earth, very fun, I support them."

But, Frank Lorenzo, who’s with the Italian American One Voice Coalition, a group that focuses on combatting negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans, is disappointed in the show and the shows’ creators.

“They portray us in a negative light," Lorenzo said. "It denigrates the Italian American community and not just those who live on Staten Island but all the Italians who live in this great country.”

The reality show is about young adults trying to avoid mob lifestyles.

One of the executive producers, Karen Gravano, is on reality show "Mob Wives." Her daughter, Karina Seabrook, is one of the stars of "Made in Staten Island."

“We thought it was over with Jersey Shore," Lorenzo said. "It’s not. I hope they have some sort of class and either cancel the show or apologize to the Italian American community."

There’s a petition to cancel the show or at least take “Staten Island” out of the title. Nearly 8,000 people have signed it as of Monday night, including Maria Dinicola.

“It’s just a big misrepresentation of Staten Island, it’s not what it’s like,” said Dinicola.

The show even got the attention of Mayor Bill de Blasio. He took to Twitter saying MTV is “peddling stereotypes in a shameless ratings grab.”

It’s a sensitive issue for those who grew up on the borough.

“I’m Italian myself, and I don’t think that’s how Staten Island should be represented,” said Grace Acquilano. “Yea, there are people here who are involved in crime, but I don’t think that’s the way the entire island should be represented.”

According to some people who PIX11 talked with Monday night, it’s about reality TV and ratings and, either way, the show will put the spotlight on Staten Island, which many refer to as the forgotten borough.

The show airs Monday nights at 10pm.

PIX11 has reached out to MTV for a comment.

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