Day care tuition hike blindsides Jersey City parents

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Parents in Jersey City are dealing with sticker shock after a daycare facility abruptly increased tuition by as much as 50 percent.

Many parents didn’t budget for the unexpected hike and are unsure how they will pay the bill.

Parents at Academy House Child Development Center, located on Bergen Avenue, got a letter from the school on Jan. 1, with the news of tuition hikes going into effect Feb. 1.

“In order to continue providing excellent care and keeping up with the cost of expenses, Academy House will increase the tuition rate," the letter stated. “Unfortunately, we will not be able to make adjustments or concessions with regards to tuition due to the cost of operating the center has substantially increased."

One mother told that her tuition for her 8-month-old son jumped from $866 to $1,300 per month.

“The bill is due in three weeks, and they didn’t give [enough] notice," Emily Olsen said to “They only told me this last week. So I can’t budget for that."

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