White supremacist march planned in NJ canceled, cops still prepare for gatherings, counter-protests

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Princeton, New Jersey has a rich history, a world renowned university, and for some reason, the kind of atmosphere that keeps attracting white supremacist gatherings on Nassau Street – the main strip in town.

“I mean, first amendment, so if they want to be here that’s fine. That’s a hard thing, because it is newsworthy, especially a place like Princeton, which is pretty diverse, and generally inclusive,” said Brendon Morfe, who grew up in the area.

The next scheduled event was at noon on Saturday at noon and is organized by the New Jersey European Heritage Association, an organization which is  not as overtly racist as, let’s say, a Klansman riding in to town on a horse, holding a burning cross.

The NJEHA’s racism has evolved.

Its website, messaging, and videos do not scream “white supremacy,” but rather, whispers it until you get to the part about their creed, which, “…can be summed up by fourteen simple words; we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

However, during our reporting for this story, the NJEHA announced this was all a publicity stunt, announcing,

“We never do pre-announced public rallies. There isn't going to be a "march" this Saturday, there never was…our organization has received an unprecedented amount of publicity, media coverage, and website traffic.”

In spite of the announcement, The Princeton P.D. says it is still planning for the NJEHA to gather, along with the expected arrival of several more counter-protestors.

“The country is getting more diverse. So I think like, we should be like, more respectful with other people in this regards,” said Princeton University PhD candidate Jose Montano.

Whenever a white supremacist organization like the New Jersey European Heritage Association, sends out a news release to media outlets, announcing an activity like this – we always have a debate in the newsroom; should we ignore it, or give it the attention it’s obviously craving .

In our opinion, we are here in Princeton, because looking away, and pretending that white supremacist messaging in 2019 isn’t happening – probably is not the best course forward. After all, like the old saying goes – a little sunshine is always a good disinfectant.

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