‘Agent’ app reimagines the modeling industry

The new “Agent” app is reimagining the modeling industry by directly connecting models and clients.

Major fashion houses, down to small local brands, can search the app or post an ad for models who fit their needs and budgets at about 75 percent less than what they’d pay through an agent.

The app’s founder, Mark Willingham, said the inspiration came from his time running a high-fashion brand.

“We'd have models that were no show to jobs because something else had come up,” according to Willingham.

His business partner also had nightmare experiences.

“He went and got cash and tried to pay a model, and she’s like, well I don’t have change for that, can I give you some weed?” Willingham said.

“Agent” now boasts more than 25,000 clients in 10 cities since launching in March 2018. It is expected to launch on Android later in 2019, and expand internationally in 2020.

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