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Three Kings Day Parade celebrated in Brooklyn

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — The Kings Day Parade of Williamsburg is one of the more joyful parades of the year.

It’s a cultural tradition widely celebrated by families and friends from around the world. There were colorful costumes, fabulous Mariachi dancing and, of course, more than three kings along the parade route on Graham Avenue,

This Brooklyn Three Kings Day Parade is in its 22nd year.

“It is very important for Latin American people to celebrate Three King’s Day,” Radames Millan, founder of the Brooklyn Three Kings Day Parade told PIX11 News. “It is our tradition."

The Three Kings Day celebrations date back to the fourth century and these festivities are primarily based on holiday customs of Puerto Rico, the Dominican republic and Mexico. For so many, it is all about the children.

And while the demographics of Williamsburg are changing, many of those in attendance are hoping this tradition will continue, particularly those very tall kings on stilts.

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