Lawsuits grow at NJ surgical center over possible exposure to HIV and Hepatitis

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NEW JERSEY -- A New Jersey surgical center is under more scrutiny following the news thousands of its patients could have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis.

In December, letters went out to nearly 4,000 patients who had procedures at the HealthPlus Surgery Center in Saddle Brook, New Jersey from January to September 2018.

But on Friday, 2 former patients came forward to say they never received a letter.

According to Paul Said, it's been a nightmare.

"The way I learned about it was through the first press conference I happened to see on TV," he said. "I did not receive a letter and that has been kinda been causing a lot of stress in my life right now," he said.

Said and Gisela Santana hired attorney Sanford Rubenstein to join a growing number of former patients who are taking legal action.

"There are victims in the public who do not know that they are at risk to get HIV or hepatitis because they did not get a letter," Rubenstein said.

The New Jersey Department of Health did investigate last September and found unsanitary conditions and problems with sterilization. The North Jersey surgery center has said it's since fixed the problems and reopened.

A representative for HealthPlus Surgery Center told PIX11 News late Friday that some patient letters have been returned or have not yet been delivered. Noting, "Recognizing that certified mail can be inconvenient, we are developing a program to call and otherwise contact all patients that is HIPAA-Compliant."

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