Firehouse evacuated, firefighters relocated during scabies scare: FDNY

AUBURNDALE, Queens — A firehouse in Queens has been evacuated, and firefighters relocated, because of a scabies scare, FDNY said Friday.

A firefighter assigned to Engine 320, on Francis Lewis Boulevard in Auburndale, has been treated for scabies, according to FDNY.

The incident prompted other firefighters with the station to be checked and relocated as the firehouse is cleaned, FDNY said.

The firehouse is expected to be cleared for two to three days, but firefighters relocated to neighboring firehouses will continue to respond to calls, FDNY said.

A mite called  Sarcoptes scabiei causes scabies, which is marked by itchy skin, and tiny blisters or bumps. It it highly contagious, according to the

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