Police seek teens who took a joyride on empty MTA bus in Brooklyn

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EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn — Police are asking for the public's help finding three teenagers who took a midnight joyride in an empty New York City bus.

In surveillance video released by police, you can see one of the men driving the bus while the other standing watching him.

Police say the trio picked up the bus at the MTA depot at Williams Avenue and Herkimer Street in East New York shortly after 12 a.m. Sunday.

After a mile and a half joy ride, they abandoned the MTA bus at Conduit Boulevard and Atlantic Avenue in Cypress Hills.

“It is a dangerous thing, it’s reprehensible,” William Ortiz, a Bronx resident, told PIX11. “They could cause an accident. People could get killed."

Police are trying to figure out if the same trio stole an MTA city bus hours later in the Bronx.

At about 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening, someone stole a bus from Hunts Point Avenue and East 163rd Street and reportedly took it for a spin to Queens and back.

MTA officials weren’t able to locate the stolen bus until eight hours later when they checked the GPS and found the bus at Westchester and Prospect avenues.

“An operator should secure the bus and lock the doors,” an MTA bus driver who did not want to give his name told PIX11 News. “You have to secure your bus at all times."

Both MTA workers and people who live in this neighborhood were concerned about security on buses if they could be taken for joy rides so easily.

“Joyriding just to sit in jail is not worth it,” Mezzy Jerome, a Bronx resident, told PIX11. “Your freedom is the number one key."

PIX11 reached out to the MTA about security issues involving MTA buses, and a spokesperson said the incident is under police investigation.

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