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NEW YORK -- Cynthia Tibbs, a concerned neighbor, told PIX11 News we had to meet 67-year-old Arlene Suber, who lives in a NYCHA building on Amsterdam Avenue on the Upper West Side.

“She is completely blind. She needs a transfer. She has been waiting," Tibbs said. "She has a two-bedroom. She asked to be transferred to a one bedroom, handicapped, or a senior citizen building."

Suber just recently lost her sight and is now legally blind. Suber says for years she has been fighting for a transfer to a handicap apartment and it’s been a struggle.

“NYCHA refused me three times," Suber said. "I got all my paperwork. They lost my folder."

Suber says she met Mayor Bill de Blasio in November at a town hall and directly asked for his help.

“I took his hand and I said please. I sure did," Suber said. "I said please, you have got to help me, he (Mayor) said I will, and he says don’t worry about it."

A NYCHA spokesperson tells PIX11 News Suber filed for a transfer in December 2017, was offered an apartment in a brownstone nearby on a bottom floor in August 2018, and rejected the apartment.

Tibbs tells PIX11 News NYCHA managers reached out to Suber and will be filing an updated transfer and will be working on finding a new apartment nearby.

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Kisha Hobgood, who lives at the Tapscott street site in Brownsville, says the ceiling in her living room collapsed two weeks ago -- and no one has come to fix it.

“We have small kids," Hobsgood said. "They wake up in the morning and the kids are smelling the mold. And who knows what they are breathing in."

The family tells PIX11, the city did finally reach out and offered to send a crew on Christmas Eve.

“That’s unacceptable,” Hobsgood said.

Hobgood says within hours of PIX11’s visit, a team of workers came to fix the gaping hole in her ceiling. Hobsgood and her family got a transfer to a new three-bedroom apartment just before the holidays.

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