Mall security guard under fire after ejecting disabled Brooklyn man from Green Acres Mall

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Green Acres Mall management is investigating after a man with disabilities was ejected by their security guards.

Ramon Lopez told PIX11 News he was asked to leave the mall while he was window-shopping and waiting for a wheelchair accessible ride to the doctor.

“You’re going to roll me out like I was trash, just to put me out on the curb. It was ridiculous,” he said.

The morning of Dec. 14, Lopez had a doctor’s appointment in Westbury. Lopez was picked up from his home in Brooklyn by Access A Ride and taken to Green Acres Mall to transfer to Long Island based Able Ride for the rest of his journey to the doctor.

Lopez relies on a wheelchair after a work-related accident left him with a spinal injury several years ago.

Lopez says he arrived at the mall just after 7 a.m. While most stores are closed, the common areas were open to the public.

“There was approximately 50 to 60 people in the mall, walking around casually, just like I was,” he explained.

According to Lopez, a mall guard questioned his presence and asked him to wait in a designated area. Lopez says when he checked to see if his van had arrived, he was asked to leave the mall altogether and the police were called. Lopez recorded part of his interaction with the mall guards on cell phone video.

Lopez waited outside for his ride to the doctor in the cold.

Joe Floccari, the Senior Property Manager of Green Acres Mall told PIX11 News, “We are continuing to investigate the event, from everyone’s perspective, to better understand how things were handled.”

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