Man alleges racial profiling in UES residential building

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UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan—Just call him “Hallway Harry.”

Once again, a person of color was confronted for being in a place they are lawfully allowed to be, and it was captured on video.

“What are you doing in my building, you don’t live here,” exclaims the man in the video.

It happened Thursday night inside the front hallway of Chicka Okafor’s Upper East side apartment building.  He and a friend were waiting for a Lyft, when they were confronted by a neighbor they never met before.  He demanded they prove they were allowed to be there.

“It makes me feel assaulted and violated because essentially this guy was saying that because of how we look… that we’re not good enough to live in this apartment complex and you think we’re a threat to your safety based on color,” Okafor said to PIX 11.

He said he never thought he would be at the center of increasingly common videos of people of color being confronted for doing nothing wrong.

Okafor emailed with building management, and was told next time to call the police.  He does not feel that response goes far enough. He at a minimum wants an apology from the neighbor, and perhaps for the man to be kicked out of the building.

PIX 11 reached out to building management, with no response— and tried unsuccessfully to track down the unnamed neighbor

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