Heavy rains, strong winds damper holiday travel in the tri-state area

NEW YORK — Holiday travel kicks into high gear as millions of Americans are expected to travel during this time of the year, but the weather in the tri-state area may put a damper on getting to your destination on time.

AAA predicts a record-breaking 112.5 million travelers should expect busy roadways and heavy foot traffic at airports in one of the busiest days to head to their destinations.

As millions are expected to travel, those traveling into and out of the tri-state area Friday may experience delays or cancellations on flights, and traffic on the roads as heavy rain and strong winds slam the area.

People at LaGuardia Airport expressed their worries about flight cancellations and delays, as some experienced heavy traffic going into the airport, but others plan to just "go with the flow" and are thankful they're able to get away for the holidays.

Due to traffic volume, JFK Airport is experiencing departure delays of 16 to 30 minutes, according to FlightAware. Inbound flights are also delayed at their origin for about 90 minutes due to wind.

LaGuardia Airport is also experiencing delays of about 47 minutes due to winds and all inbound flights are being held at their origins and delayed just under 2 hours.

Newark Airport can see inbound flights delayed at their origin for an average of 1 hour and 13 minutes due to wind.

Roads may also experience congestion due to flooded streets and people trying to get a morning start to their travels.

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