Watch Macaulay Culkin recreate classic ‘Home Alone’ scenes for Google ad

Actor Macauley Culkin may be all grown up… but he’s reprised his star-making turn in “Home Alone” in a new advertisement for Google Assistant.

The ad, titled “Home Alone Again,” begins with the iconic theme music playing over exteriors of the original house that we all at one point wanted to live in.

After realizing his parents aren’t home, Culkin is seen in the kitchen, asking “Hey, Google what’s on my calendar today?” Google Assistant then responds, telling him “You have one event called house to yourself.”

The ad features shot-for-shot nods to scenes from the classic Christmas movie—including ‘Operation Kevin,’ the mac-and-cheese meal, pranking the pizza guy, and the aftershave moment.

Culkin’s character—a grown-up Kevin McCallister—is helped along his day by the various features available through Google Assistant.

Culkin has shunned the spotlight for years, but recently he’s been making more public apparances… mostly to promote his podcast and website, both called “Bunny Ears.

Watch the ad below: 

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