NJ governor signs for new school bus safety laws

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PARAMUS, N.J. -- After a tragic school bus crash in New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy signed a package of four new laws into effect Monday, including safety training measures and state notification of any suspended licenses for school bus drivers.

“Thanks to our actions in partnership with the Legislature, parents will be able to send their children to school knowing that school buses and school bus drivers are being held to extremely high standards designed to ensure the safety of students," Murphy said.

New Jersey school bus drivers must now all take safety training twice per year. Operators must follow all federal regulations.

Drivers over age 70 must submit a doctor's report to prove their physical fitness annually, or bi-annually if over age 75.

And school administrators must now notify the state to confirm they've fired a school bus driver, upon receiving information that a driver's license is suspended.

Hudy Muldrow, 77, was driving with a suspended license at the time of the horrific Paramus School bus crash.

It was suspended 14 times before. He was in court today for a pre-trial hearing. He's facing a charge of vehicular homicide.

Miranda Faith Vargas, 10, was killed in the crash, along with her teacher, Jennifer Williamson Kennedy.

“The May accident involving a Paramus school bus that tragically killed an East Brook Middle School student and a teacher, in addition to leaving many others injured, was a nightmare scenario,” said New Jersey State Senator Joseph Lagana. “As parents, we should not have to worry about the safety of our children when they are on a school bus."

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