Holland Tunnel holiday decor to get makeover after thousands sign petition

NEW YORK — Commuters unhappy about the location of the Holland Tunnel  holiday decorations got good news Monday — depending on how they voted.

Port Authority officials revealed results of an online poll after more than 20,000 people weighed in: the Christmas tree will be moved over the “A” above the Holland Tunnel sign, and the second wreath will be removed.

Thousands signed a Change.org petition, started by Cory Windelspecht, to change the decor, which initially included a tree over the "N" in "Holland" and wreath over the "U" in "Tunnel," in addition to a wreath over the "O" in "Holland."

In response to the petition, the Port Authority created an online poll that closed on Sunday.

Options up for a vote included:

  • Leave everything as is
  • Move the tree to hang over the "A"
  • Move the tree to hang over the "A" and remove the ‘U’ in tunnel
  • Add a tree over the "A" and adjust the existing decorations to make everything symmetrical

The winning proposal got 41.7 percent of votes, beating out the second top-voted option, which would have moved the tree but kept the second wreath.

PIX11 caught up with drivers to see if they thought the change was worth it.

"Truthfully, it causes traffic," one commuter said. "It doesn't matter. It's just decorations... just put it anywhere."

"It looks good now but I think they need more decorations," another driver said.

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