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Starbucks opens first cocktail bar and Reserve Roastery in NYC

CHELSEA, Manhattan — It’s 13 times larger than the average Starbucks and serves alcohol-infused coffee cocktails, but does New York City really need another Starbucks?

“It’s just kind of a grand experience,” Jen Nelson, of Prospect Park, told PIX11.

“It’s the Willy Wonka of Coffee shops.”

The last thing Starbucks needs is another commercial saying how great it is.

There are already 28,000 Starbucks in 77 countries, and the company’s retired CEO Howard Schultz, who grew up in Canarsie’s Bayview Houses, is worth at least $3 billion.

This was his dream, a Disneyland for coffee lovers.

“It’s bigger and better,” customer Alicia Schiro told PIX11.

“And they are roasting right here and that’s cool,” she added.

It’s 23,000 square feet on three floors on the corner of 15th Street and Ninth Avenue near the Chelsea Market, across from Google and a much humbler, run of the mill Starbucks.

This so-called coffee paradise playpen also serves pizza, Italian bakery specialties and every type of coffee you can think of as well as cocktails and alcoholic drinks like a Roastery Old Fashioned.

It’s supposed to be immersive and inspirational with Brooklyn artist Max Steiner’s 10-foot copper sculpture of the Starbucks siren to give it a local feel.

“There’s a lot of interesting branding going on,” customer Gabe Leben told PIX11.

Customers are expected to spend four times more in a Roastery than a traditional Starbucks.

As hard as we tried to find people disappointed, we could not.

Lesean Jordan and Vera Evans of Harlem thought it was a perfect date night destination.

“You can get coffee, or you can get a cocktail,” Evans told PIX11.

The next reserve Roastery is set to open in Tokyo in the next few months. There are already reserve Roasteries in Seattle, Shanghai and Milan.

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