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Secretary Ben Carson gives NYC mayor, NYCHA extended deadline with an ultimatum

NEW YORK -- Secretary Ben Carson says if the City doesn’t come up with a “acceptable” plan to fix NYCHA, a federal takeover is an option.

The NY/NJ regional director of HUD, Lynne Patton told PIX11 News,
“Since everyone seems to think a Receivership is not the answer, we are allowing the City and local leadership to come up with a better solution before January 31st. If their proposal is not satisfactory to HUD, then Secretary Carson will declare them in Substantial Default allowing the Secretary full and sole discretion as to an Administrative Receivership or otherwise.”

A federal judge demanded the mayor explain in writing by the end of the day Friday, Dec 14, how he will fix public housing in NYC, the home to 400,000 people.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday he wants to keep the accountability of NYCHA at the local level.

“Oversight by anybody else will make things better I urge people to look at the history," Mayor Bill de Blasio, said on a local radio show.

On Wednesday, the mayor had two news conferences back to back detailing what he calls NYCHA 2.0 a new and improved NYCHA.The mayor admits NYCHA needs $32 billion.

He says NYCHA 2.0 would come up with about $24 billion over 5-10 years. By selling underused NYCHA land and transferring ownership of thousands of units to private developers.

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