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Man starts petition to change holiday decor over Holland Tunnel sign

JERSEY CITY -- Holiday decor over the Holland Tunnel sign has some saying “Bah humbug.”

“It’s a total eyesore, absolutely an eyesore,” Cory Windelspecht said. “Everybody passes it, it’s like the first thing you see when you come to New York and you’re like ugh it’s gross. We’re here to celebrate the best time of the year in the best city in the world and you come in and you see that tree over that N and you say ugh that is brutal.”

A wreath hangs over the “O” in the word “Holland” but the tree is placed over the “N.”

Windelspecht is trying to have the tree moved over the “A” where it would fit better given the tree and the letter are roughly the same shape and size.

He says he loves the decorations and the festive mood they give the tunnel but it’s their placement he has a problem with. So much so he recorded a video, posted it on social media and it’s gone viral.

In the post he says in part:
“Every day New Yorkers and New Jerseyians have to pass through these gates to get to the city of New York and they are forced to stare at this OCD nightmare of this Christmas tree that’s over the letter N that should be moved over one spot to the A where would it fit perfectly.”

“When the tree is moved over to the letter A, this world is going to be a better place.”

Windelspecht first noticed the decor placement over the letters back in 2010. The decorations have been in the same spot every year. But this holiday season, he’s taking a stand.

Just a few days ago, he launched a change.org petition to get the tree moved over the A. It has nearly 500 signatures and drawn hundreds of responses.

“I’ve been getting messages from strangers going you have no idea how much that has annoyed me, thank you for posting this I’m glad someone is saying something finally. One guy told me he literally has OCD he hates it so much he goes through the Lincoln Tunnel to avoid the Holland.”

Windelspecht says the tunnel’s entrance is traveled by millions especially during the holiday season but he does admit part of this has to do with his obsessive compulsive disorder.

“I have a little bit of OCD I use to get really anxious looking at this,” Windelspecht said. “You’re sitting at the tunnel for sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, you’re inching up inch by inch and you’re looking at the signs and the wreaths are beautiful, they fit that O perfectly and it just sticks out you’re like why is that tree not over the A which would be seem like a commonsense thing.”

Windelspecht has reached out to Port Authority New York New Jersey, which operates the tunnel.

“They said it’s based on the symmetric of the road and it was just evenly spaced on there.”

Windelspecht will be speaking before the Port Authority this coming Thursday where he hopes to make his case.

“Everyone loves Christmas we love the holidays we want to celebrate it we just want to get through the Holland Tunnel without having goosebumps going down our shoulders going that is the most annoying sign to look at!”

Port Authority launched a poll in the Holland Tunnel decorations debate. Take it here.

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