Long Island non-profit that helps people in need loses supplies and donations in early storm

LONG ISLAND — A Long Island non-profit that helps local families in need is now asking for the public's help.

They work year round to help people in need, but the unexpected snow storm three weeks ago devastated their charity.

Racks of clothing for people in need were soaked and ruined. Housewares and appliances were also destroyed when protective tents in their backyard buckled under heavy snow.

Gina and Vinny Centauro launched the Family to the Rescue Foundation last year, inspired by their family's own special needs. The two licensed contractors started with their hands, fixing homes of the disabled and needy on Long Island. Since then, they've increased their help to the community by collecting donations and holding yard sales to raise money and supplies.

"Our backyard looked like a winter hurricane came through here and wrecked the place, honestly," Vinny Centauro of the Family to the Rescue Foundation, said. "That's how bad it was--the damage from that snow storm."

"I was sitting here in the kitchen and watching the snow fall and saying to Vinny, 'oh my god, we have a problem, I think we have a problem.'" Gina Centauro said. "The minute I said that, 'boom,' one tent goes down. It was a chain reaction. All six carport tents down."

You can find more information about the foundation and how you can help by clicking here.