NY treasure hunter finds Diane Keaton’s wallet 50 years after she lost it

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y. — A New York treasure hunter discovered one of his most prized possessions earlier this year: actress Diane Keaton’s wallet, which had been missing for 50 years.

Anton Lulgjuraj began the hobby of purchasing storage units to find valuables about six years ago. Before that, his family owned the famous Elk Candy store in Manhattan.

Lulgjuraj had found special items before, including photos of songwriter and producer Keith Diamond with Mick Jagger and Michael Bolton. But in May, he made his most interesting discovery.

"The wallet was in there by itself," Lulgjuraj told PIX11 News. "The more I went through it, I realize[d] that this is...Diane Keaton's wallet."

The wallet contained Keaton’s old California driver’s license from the late 1960s when she was 20 years old and going by her birth name, Diane Hall. There was also her actor’s equity card and various photographs.

The treasure hunter wanted to reunite the wallet with the actress, so he tweeted at her in June. She never responded, but earlier this week the New York Daily News picked up the story, which Keaton posted about on social media.

Lulgjuraj has no idea who owned the storage unit before him or how the wallet ended up in upstate New York. On Twitter, Keaton said she did not remember losing it.

Lulgjuraj sent the wallet to the actress’s attorney. It is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles on Friday.

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