New $15 million homeless shelter to be built in Jersey City

JERSEY CITY, NJ — With the second highest homeless population in New Jersey at 822, Hudson County is looking to keep more of its men, women and children off the streets.

A bright spot in the figures, which come from NJ Counts, a point-in-time study, is a decrease in the number of homeless over the years, along with an increase in those housed in shelters.

To help in the battle against homelessness, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced plans to build a new state-of-the-art $15 million shelter in the district. The building will be constructed across the street from the St. Lucy’s shelter on Grove Street and would include 150 beds, 14 units for those with HIV and permanent housing for six disabled and homeless heads of household.

“It will be focused on different demographics. Some of them families, some of them seniors, some of them HIV,” said Mayor Fulop.

In addition, a residential building with market rate and affordable housing will be constructed behind the historic St. Lucy Roman Catholic Church, which will also receive a facelift. Mayor Fulop added that the cost for everything will not hit the taxpayers in the wallet as it will be funded through a public/private partnership.

“The archdiocese owns the property. They are selling the property to a private developer. The city will grant some units in exchange for them to build a new shelter directly across the street to service the whole area,” he said. “We’re growing and we’re attracting a lot of new residents and we don’t want to forget the people that have been here and the people who have fallen through the cracks.”

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