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Queens council member says someone is sabotaging cyclists with thumb tacks

SUNNYSIDE, Queens — The battle over bike lanes is getting personal in Queens .

Thumb tacks were found scattered along protected bike lanes Thursday along 43rd Avenue from 43rd Street to 48th Street in Sunnyside.

“Theres no doubt in my mind that it was done intentionally," council member Jimmy Van Bramer said. "They didn’t just drop dozens and dozens of thumb tacks all pointed up, only in the bike lane."

Resident Pete Shore first wrote about the tacks on Facebook, after the sharp objects caused a blowout on the tire of his bike and the bike cart carrying his two children.

The protected bike lanes were installed in Aug. along 43rd and Skillman avenues, from Queens Boulevard to Roosevelt Avenue. They’ve been a heated source of debate in the neighborhood, especially among 'Queens Streets for All,' who held a rally this past weekend.

“Our organization is to bring safety to our streets and unfortunately this plan has made it even worse,” said member Manny Gomez.

Gomez says the new bike lanes have taken away parking spots, make it difficult for first responders to navigate the narrower streets, pose a danger to school children exiting their buses and make deliveries for local businesses nearly impossible. Despite their opposition, the organization wants to make it clear they were not responsible for the tack-attack.

“I’m absolutely positive it was an outsider,” said Dorothy Morehead of "Queens Streets for All."

The truth is we have protected bike lanes all over the city. They are proven to slow traffic, which makes people safer,” Van Bramer said. “They’re here and they’re going to stay here.”

He added that he reached out to the NYPD to investigate the tack incident as a criminal act. The 108th precinct determined this was not a crime but said they will continue to monitor the location.

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