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Despite ‘milestone’ in upgrades, 7 train commuters face continued delays

Posted at 9:05 AM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 09:06:46-05

QUEENS — Despite touting a “milestone” in upgrades to the 7 train earlier this week, riders have continued to report heavy delays.

“The 7 line reached a milestone today with full CBTC activated on every segment of the line,” the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Monday.

CBTC refers to communications-based train control, which "allows NYC Transit to operate more trains per hour, thereby increasing passenger capacity; provide improved and more reliable service; and make more efficient use of its track and car fleet,” according to the MTA.

The MTA offered its “milestone” comment after PIX11 inquired about delays on the 7 train on Monday.

“This afternoon we had a track circuit failure. Customers will soon enjoy the enhanced reliability and eventually increased train frequencies that CBTC allows as currently seen on the L line,” the MTA also stated.

However, delays persisted all week.

During the Thursday morning rush-hour commute, 34th St-bound trains were delayed because of “network connectivity issues.”

“We are doing everything we can to keep trains moving and get you to your destination quickly,” the MTA stated on its website Thursday.

Regardless of the MTA’s efforts, commuters were not impressed.

“First week of CTBC signals on the 7 train have been complete garbage,” Twitter user Emilio said.

Another Twitter user, Petey Balls, asked the MTA why he had faced delays all month long.

While CBTC is "live on the line," it takes time to optimize its performance, a MTA spokesperson said Thursday.

The MTA released the following statement:

“The new signal system was put in operation throughout the 7 line this week — we’re working daily to iron out issues and will be working with the supplier over the next few weeks to optimize the system and do other signal work on the line to complete the transition. We thank our customers for their patience — once the system is stabilized they will enjoy the enhanced reliability and, eventually, increased train frequencies that CBTC signaling allows, as currently seen on the L line.”

Also this week, the MTA proposed another fare hike as the city’s public transit system faces a billion dollar budget hole and worsening delays.

“What? That’s ridiculous! The 7 train is never on time," Woodside resident Annette Perez said upon learning of the proposed fare increase.