Bach pop-up opens in midtown for the holidays

MIDTOWN, Manhattan -- In the mad hustle and bustle of the holidays, a respite courtesy of Johann Sebastian Bach:

It’s a holiday pop-up store that really isn’t selling anything.

On 56th Street and Broadway, in the shadow of Carnegie Hall, featuring all things Bach, played masterfully by Juilliard trained pianist Evan Shinners, 30 days in a row at least five hours a day.

“I want people to know that you can continually find something so beautiful such as Bach, you can continuing throw yourself on such a mind that is so much greater than our minds and find fulfillment and happiness in that,” Evan Shinner, the pianist, told PIX11.

Shinners has an alter-ego, W.T.F Bach offering whimsical merchandise like Bach bags, cigarette lighters, earrings, stress balls shaped like Bach’s brain and condoms -- which noted on the wrappers that Bach had 20 children. They are temporarily sold out.

But it’s the music and quote on the wall about the beauty of Bach that’s really the point that is not lost on those listening.

“It’s relaxing, it’s blissful,” Millie Natal, a passerby, told PIX11. “I’m totally blown away by this."

“Really cool to find something for free just downstairs,” Lindsay Hughes, an office worker, told PIX11. “Very unexpected , but very cool."

This popup been extended through December 7, and then our pianist, Evan Shinners says he’ll get a much-needed massage, acupuncture and go back to practicing, what else? Bach.

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