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Subway riders take a ‘trip to the past’ on vintage train

HARLEM, Manhattan —All aboard: the first MTA Vintage holiday subway train rumbled through Manhattan Sunday.

“It’s fun,” Mary Ann Lee, a recurrent vintage MTA holiday train rider, told PIX11. “It gives you a sense of the past."

It was a packed subway platform as everyone was waiting for a trip back in time as a 1932 r-1 train was about to roll into the 125th Street station.

Howie Weber brought his 7-year-old grandson, Max, for this blast from the past.

“He has to look at the advertisements, things from the 1930s, stuff you can’t buy anymore,” Howie Weber, a vintage subway rider, told PIX11 News. “And if we get really lucky, we sit up front and look our the window."

With just a swipe of a MetroCard, everyone got to experience this r-1 train on the eighth avenue line as a holiday nostalgia treat.

Considered modern for its time, this vintage subway train has rattan seats, paddle ceiling fans because there was no air conditioning, roll signs and ads from the 1930s.

“I remember these types of seats and the fans,” Lois Higgins, a vintage subway rider , told PIX11. “My dad worked on these trans until 1979, when he retired."

This r-1 subway train was actually in use from 1932 to 1977, so many riders remember it well.

“Reminds me of the 1970s, the fun times,” James Elliot , a vintage subway rider, told PIX11. “The lighting, the seats, the whole experience. It’s like a living, breathing thing. They don’t make me like they used to."

The Holiday Nostalgia Train will keep rolling through select NYC Subway stations on Sundays through Dec. 30.

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