Giving thanks: Stories of inspiration and hope during the holidays

Thanksgiving is a good time to take stock and remember all there is to be grateful for. But that can be difficult to do during dark and troubling times.

We hear from a man who was able to hold on to hope after 17 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. John Bunn is spending his first holiday season at home with his family after finally being exonerated. He talks about what it took to make it through the darkest days and how he turned his tragic circumstance into a literacy program for under served communities.

We also hear from author Helene Shalotsky whose book, “The Sunny Side: I write it as I see it”, is filled with positive thoughts.  Shalotsky and Psychologist Robi Ludwig discuss the tools it takes to stay positive and happy during challenging times and throughout the holiday season.

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