Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker spends day with cops in NYC

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CHELSEA, Manhattan — Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker spent Wednesday morning addressing members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Chelsea.

"It's an honor and a privilege to be with every single one of you," said Whitaker.

Whitaker announced funding for law enforcement nationwide.

"Today, I am announcing that the Department of Justice is providing $56 million in grant fundings to support law enforcement all across the United States," said Whitaker.

Whitaker said $29 million will go toward bullet-proof vests, $12.2 million for body cameras and $2 million for health and safety research for officers.

"We understand the sacrifices you make, and so we want to have the right equipment and the right training so that you can be most effective in protecting public safety," said Whitaker.

Whitaker would not take questions from the press as he left the FBI field office in Chelsea. He's being scrutinized over more than a million dollars he reportedly received from a conservative non-profit that does not reveal its donors.

Senate Democrats are also challenging Whitaker's appointment, which was not confirmed by the Senate. They point to Whitaker's history of criticizing Special Council Robert Mueller and his probe, which Whitaker now oversees.

Whitaker spent his afternoon addressing the opioid crisis at JFK Airport. His predecessor, Jeff Sessions, also worked to address the opioid crisis during his year and a half at Attorney General.

Whitaker took office on Nov. 7.

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