Forecasts show freezing Thanksgiving weekend ahead

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Here is a day-by-day forecast for the long Thanksgiving holiday.


Most of the country will be under dominant high pressure, bringing sunny skies from the Southeastern coast to the Central Plains.

Don’t blame the weather for your delays on Wednesday. It will likely be the thousands of extra people who don’t fly very often slowing down your departure time.

  • NORTHEAST: A clipper will bring some snow across the interior Northeast. Behind this system will be the coldest air since last season. (More about this later)
  • On Wednesday evening, some snow showers could develop around New York City — but the biggest concern could be strong winds moving into the city, delaying airport flights.


Decent weather and the fact many folks have already traveled make this perhaps the best day to travel during the holiday. However, if you are watching a certain parade at Herald Square in Manhattan, wear your long johns.

  • NORTHEAST: Thursday is going to be a brutally cold day in the Northeast. New York City will see low temperatures in the 20s Thanksgiving morning. The lingering winds will make it feel like the temperature is in the teens across most the area.
  • And did we mention, don’t expect it to get above freezing.


You might consider those online black Friday deals this year.

  • NORTHEAST: You remember the coldest air of the season that was aforementioned. Friday morning lows will be even colder. The good news is the high temperature will climb a little higher than it did on Thursday and the winds will have died down a little.


If you chose to fly today, you are smart to try and avoid the Sunday crowds. But you are going to have to deal with some weather in the East.

  • NORTHEAST: Timing is still uncertain but precipitation, most likely in the form of rain, will impact the region, likely leading to some moderate delays in the major Northeast airports, compounding delays already being seen across the South.


You are stuffed, tired and now you have to travel home. The forecast is still days out and could easily change, so take the forecast at the end of the week with a grain of salt.

  • NORTHEAST: It is never good when you start off the day with delays. That might just happen Sunday morning. The Northeast metros could see rain early and throughout the day. Most of the wintry precip should stay sequestered farther north into Maine.

All in all, the weather this week is much better than in previous years. Thus, most of you won’t have the weather as an excuse. So, don’t think that you’re getting out of turkey and turmoil with the in-laws.

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