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Step-by-step: Man walks NYC streets to try and find wife a kidney donor

Posted at 7:03 PM, Nov 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-16 19:03:34-05

MANHATTAN — The daily New York commute is all about survival. Everyone seems to be doing everything they can just to get by.

But when Raymond Thompson layers up to head out, every step he takes is literally about survival.

Not his own—his wife: Mylen, the mother of their 4-year-old daughter Rachel.

“She has kidney disease, which causes her to have kidney failure,” Thompson said.

Mylen was diagnosed two years ago and needs a kidney transplant and is now on the donor list through Mount Sinai Hospital.

“I felt like someone kicked me in my gut,” Thompson said.

The wait for a new kidney can take up to ten years. So step-by-step, Thompson channeled all his emotion into an idea and began walking around with a sign on his backpack.

“It says: ‘In need of a kidney for my wife, her blood type is B positive and my phone number 917-442-6202.'"

Inspired by similar ideas, like the t-shirt 60-year-old Rob Leibowitz wore around Disney World, Thompson takes his sign not just to work, but also to busy areas like the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square.

There have been a few inquiries— though no matches yet. Thompson said Mylen is on a strict dialysis schedule and is stable for now. Still, she will certainly needs a new kidney as soon as possible.

So each day, like most New Yorkers, Raymond Thompson walks the city street with purpose. However, his goes far beyond surviving the daily commute— to his wife’s very survival.

“Everyone can see my sign,” Thompson said. “And if you’re willing to do share or pass the message along please do.”