Snow damages, downs over 1,000 trees in NYC

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NEW YORK —  Over 1,000 trees throughout New York City were downed or hanging due to Thursday’s snowstorm, blocking streets and damaging vehicles.

Throughout the five boroughs, limbs and even entire trees buckled down due to the weight of the heavy snow.

At 7 a.m., NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson tweeted at least 384 trees were downed or damaged, 4 trees in the Bronx, Manhattan had reports of 528 trees, Queens with 363 and Staten Island at 44, totaling 1,323 service requests.

As of 9:30 a.m., the number has since increased to 1,955 service requests, with 661 trees down, 178 hanging limbs and 1116 limbs down, according to the Parks Department.

The Parks Department said reports they received may be duplicated or triplicated for the same condition.

The snowstorm blanketed the tri-state area, with some towns seeing over 10 inches of snow.

Central Park saw a record-breaking 6 inches of snow.

Records date back to 1869, and the most accumulation the city has seen on this date was 4.7 inches back in 2012.

Although parks remain open, people are advised not to enter parks out of an abundance of caution due to over saturated grounds and high winds.

Not only were downed trees a problem. Snowy roads prevented school buses from being able to pick of students, causing more than 200 children to sleep in schools.

People dealt hours-long commutes home and frustrated straphangers were met with transit cancellations and delays.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal was forced to shut down the second and third floor of the terminal because of overcrowding, leaving many commuters to wait outside.

According to Police Commissioner James O’Neill, there were over 1,900 vehicular collisions.

All non-emergency tree-related issued should call 311 to report.

Those in need of emergency services should call 911.

A branch landed on an ESU officer in Murray Hill as he tried to remove another broken tree limb from the street. He suffered minor injuries.

The Parks Department team is working to remove any trees that are blocking streets.

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