Bronx high school closes several bathrooms to combat vaping

BRONX — The NYC Department of Education is restricting bathroom use at one of its elite public high schools because of vaping, and students are not happy about it.

PIX11 spoke with students that acknowledged vaping in bathrooms is a problem, but said the solution inside the Bronx High School of Science is creating bigger problems than the vaping.

Administrators shut down six bathrooms beginning Tuesday. Students said it has led to long lines, meaning some of the 3,000 enrolled students have been late to class or felt pressured to avoid going during school hours.

“Yesterday I tried not to go because I knew there would be a lot of people in the bathrooms,” one high school senior said.

“All the stalls are occupied now, and there’s overcrowding in every bathroom,” said a freshman.

In a statement the department of education said, “the health and well-being of students is our top priority, and Bronx Science will temporarily close a small number of bathrooms to address this matter."

The DOE is also considering more education on the dangers of vaping for students.

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