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Amazon HQ coming to Queens means new tech ideas in NYC

LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens -- A Long Island City Amazon headquarters won’t mean faster package deliveries, but the NY HQ will likely mean more testing of the company’s innovations locally.

Currently, many of Amazon’s ideas are first tested near their Seattle headquarters. Experienced tech writer Lance Ulanoff said to expect to now see some of that in New York.

“Amazon having a base of operations within the city means that they will be trying more things out,” Ulanoff said. “They like to experiment and see how people react.”

The tech and retail giant’s first grab and go convenience store where sensors track your purchases opened near the current downtown Seattle HQ. The company’s first two drive up grocery store where clerks load your trunk— opened in popular residential neighborhoods of the Emerald City.

Amazon also tested it’s now ubiquitous locker-delivery system in the shadow of the Space Needle, along with other creative forms of package delivery.

“You can’t anticipate what they’re going to try, which mean there’s a lot of opportunity for people who are into technology to do different things,” Ulanoff said.

Outside of the Amazon’s experiments, expect the local tech talent shuffle to begin. Jeff Bezos founded the company in Seattle specifically to poach talent from companies like Microsoft. New York economic development leaders are quick to point out that tech jobs tend to create more tech jobs, new companies, and new innovations.

“These large scale tech companies have positive knock down affects,” said James Patchett with the NYC Economic Development Corporation. “Startups come around, other players will come around.”

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