New Jersey kids don lab coats and goggles to work along scientists in Students 2 Science program

One man is making it his mission to build the next generation of scientific leaders and he's starting by motivating the kids in a unique,  state-of-the-art lab!

Students 2 Science is an authentic science lab class in East Hanover, New Jersey.

Kids are taken out of their schools and brought here to solve real-life problems.

Today the students are testing how sunscreen works, and deciphering the ingredients in pain relievers.

The goal is to surround the kids with people who have a passion for science. So most volunteers are from local companies.

Tracy Robinson is a volunteer from PSE&G and loves seeing the reactions of the kids.

“They are wonderful and light up when they learn something new.”

The founder of the program, Paul Winslow, hopes to keep the future scientists in the workforce.

“If we take kids from undeserved communities we get them to graduate, we get them into college, they never leave the state and add value to companies within the state.”

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