News Closeup: Assessing the midterm elections; the significance of Veterans Day Parade

Millions of voters turned out for the midterm elections this year and we saw some surprising outcomes. Democrats took back the House of Representatives while Republicans held onto the Senate.

The shift of power could be enough to cause gridlock in Washington, upsetting President Trump’s agenda for the next two years. Here in New York, Governor Cuomo won his third term, and Democrats took control of the State Senate for the first time in nearly a decade. So what will this all mean going forward? We hear from our panel of experts.

Plus, it was exactly 100 years ago that people across the world marked the end of the First World War. One year later, our nation organized the annual Veterans Day Parade to honor its War Heroes.

It’s a tradition that continues to this day when 25,000 Marchers will head up Fifth Avenue. On this Veterans Day, we hear from two people currently working with the United War Veterans Council to help our service men and women re-enter civilian life.

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