NJ rapper Ice-T admits he’s never had a bagel or coffee

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MANHATTAN — Rapper and actor Ice-T sent Twitterverse spiraling into a virtual "bagelgate" after admitting on the social media platform that he has never eaten a bagel or drank coffee.

The New Jersey native stated that he has never had the staple breakfast food—ever, and frankly, does not trust anyone who does eat bagels, according to his account.

Tracy Lauren Marrow, who goes by the stage name, Ice-T,  posted the admission on Twitter which garnered hundreds of mixed reactions and nearly 20K likes.

It all started when a fan posed this question to the SVU actor stating, "While we're on the subject, what is your favorite bagel?"

Ice-T responded to the fan by saying, "LOL. I've never eaten a Bagel in my life."

Twitter users were quick to respond.

"You've been playing an NYPD cop for 18yrs and never had a bagel?" @leisureforce75 tweeted.

The 60-year-old portrays the role of an NYPD Detective on the NBC drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Twitter user, Kimberly, attempted to remind the actor about a possible bagel consumption moment that aired on an episode of "SVU" stating, "You had a cinnamon raisin one on SVU."

The actor responded with, “ Lol. TV is make believe."

Just when Twitter users were growing more confident that the actor had been caught in a bit of a bagel fable after posting a photo  with Ice-T gripping a plain bagel , the actor silenced his critics by posting an SVU-themed version of the clip in question with him carrying an untouched bagel in the scene of the show's episode.

Ice-T then added that he also has never drank coffee.

Are you wondering what breakfast meal the Newark rapper does enjoy? He said, "I do like jelly doughnuts!"

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