‘White Excellence’: Racist, misspelled flyer posted in the Bronx spurs outcry and police investigation

WOODLAWN, THE BRONX — It was a call to action for white people to declare their supremacy over other races, and to fight non-Christians. Now, a racist flyer posted on a few trees in the Bronx is provoking action, but not as it intended. The community is rising up against its message.

“We heard from some constituents in Woodlawn,” State Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz said, describing how he’d first learned about the flyer. “And of course, I was shocked, because we've never had anything like that here before.”

He’s one of many people here in the North Bronx speaking out and taking action against the flyer, a few copies of which were attached to some trees next to Van Cortlandt Park, near the 238th Street dog run.

The headline on the flyer reads, “White Excellence,” but its message is anything but excellent. Part of that message, by the way, is also misspelled.

It speaks of “Black Thugs” making an “invasion” “of our neighborhood... targetting (sic) old women and young men leaving bars.”

It also calls for a “stand against radical Islam, bringing Sharia Law to enslave and rape our women and children.”

Woodlawn, the community where the fliers were posted, has low crime, according to NYPD crime statistics. The neighborhood also has increasing ethnic and religious diversity, according to census data.

The flyer postings, however, are part of a larger pattern of increased hate crimes both in New York City and nationwide.

In the five boroughs, the number of hate crimes recorded through the first week of November last year was 297, compared to 309 through this week this calendar year, according to NYPD statistics cited by Police Commissioner James O’Neill this week.

As for this latest incident, which brings the number of crimes to at least 310 for the year, the local state assemblymember had strong words for whoever was behind it.

“He's probably some jerk,” said Dinowitz, “but the fact is... he put up something very divisive, and we as a community won't stand for it.”

Residents also reported the racist act to officers at the 47th precinct.

The flyer also calls on white people to wear white shirts and white hats one day next week in support of white supremacy. Dinowitz said that everybody he knows will be certain not to do so.

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