‘Enough is enough.’ Brooklyn NYCHA residents say they haven’t had working gas for a month

Yvonne McCray, who lives in the Breukelen Houses in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, says she is sick and tired of making her dinner on a hot plate.

“NYCHA needs to get off their asses and make the gas happen,” McCray said.

Residents say two buildings part of the Breukelen Houses haven’t had gas for close to a month. While residents were given hot plates, some say no one from the city has given them a timeline of when it will be fixed.

“Enough is enough," resident Calvin Drumgo said. "It’s time to get off your butts and make it happen."

“It’s necessary for building management to secure the valves to the ranges in the buildings in order to perform required safety testing of the building pipelines, once that work is complete National Grid will be available to proceed with the safety test and restore gas service to the ranges if it is safe to do so," a spokesperson for the electrical and gas company Nation Grid said.

“While we know interruptions to our residents’ gas services are inconvenient, we also want to ensure their safety," a NYCHA spokesperson said in a statement. "We continue to engage with residents to keep everyone informed while working to restore safe, reliable service as quickly as possible.”

NYCHA residents in Harlem also have complaints of no heat or hot water.

Isabelle Santos, who lives at the Wagner Houses in East Harlem, says it's been weeks since she's had a working sink in her kitchen. The 80-year-old is begging NYCHA for answers.

“It’s so frustrating," Santos said. "I have pots of water and no answers."

“We had a tenant meeting Monday and the tenants are very displeased," President of the Wagner Tenant Association Janet Seabrook said. "NYCHA hired a private company and its not working."

A NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11 they installed cabinets Friday and put in a new sink with running water for Santos. NYCHA says they working hard to make sure the development has heat and hot water this winter.

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