80-year-old woman dealing with big pipe problems in Wagner Houses

NEW YORK -- It all started with a tweet -- and now a viewer has a new, working sink.

Isabelle Santos, 80, reached out to PIX11 News saying she hasn't had a working sink in her kitchen for weeks.

“It’s so frustrating," Santos said. "I have pots of water and no answers."

Janet Seabrook, the Wagner Tenant Association President, says there’s a bigger problem at Wagner -- inconsistent heat and hot water.

“We had a tenant meeting Monday and the tenants are very displeased," Seabrook said. "NYCHA hired a private company and its not working."

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us they installed cabinets Friday, and put in a new sink today for Santos. Santos now has running water. And a NYCHA spokesperson says they are making sure the development has heat and hot water this winter.

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